Stephanie Rodgers

Owner and Operator of Motherhood Encapsulations
Stephanie Rogers is a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist living on the Central Coast. She has been encapsulating placentas since the beginning of 2019. After completing her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education, she developed a passion for women’s health and discovered a desire to help both women and children by starting her own placenta encapsulation business. Stephanie started Motherhood Encapsulations due to the incredible benefits and nutrients it provides for postpartum recovery. With her daughter, she had not been educated on placenta encapsulation and experienced severe postpartum depression and stopped producing breast milk after only 3 months. When she had her son, she encapsulated her placenta and it resulted in no postpartum depression, breast milk supply for 13 months straight, loss of baby weight and increased energy levels. This was the moment she knew she had to share this experience and opportunity with all women. She is fulfilling her dream to help women all over the US receive the benefits of placenta encapsulation, as well as, beginning to expand locations to provide the opportunity to empower women to start a placenta encapsulation business of their own.
My Journey to becoming a,
Stephanie learned through a close friend about Placenta Encapsulation. She told her about her experiences postpartum and how much she benefited. This immediately sparked Stephanie’s interest due to the difficulties she had after her first child. However, when she went to research further, she could not find anyone in the San Luis Obispo area that offered this amazing and beneficial service. She was amazed that it was not offered locally in her area. Upon further research she was able to find someone out of the area and shipped her placenta. Once Stephanie enjoyed the amazing benefits of her placenta encapsulation compared to her first child’s difficult postpartum recovery, she knew she wanted to learn how to encapsulate placentas and offer women on the central coast a more affordable and natural way to excel postpartum. Stephanie’s journey to creation of Motherhood Encapsulations began! Her training began under another Placenta Encapsulation specialist from San Francisco, CA. After this initial training, she earned both of her certifications in Bloodborne Pathogens and OSHA’s Safe Food Handling. She then completed a Placenta Benefits’ training program, also known as Certified Placenta Encapsulation Extensive Training Program.
"I started Motherhood Encapsulations due to the incredible benefits and nutrients it provided me during my postpartum recovery"

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