Our facility

How we differ

We offer a dedicated Processing lab

When building and furnishing our new lab we strived to use the highest quality and industry leading standards and equipment.

The Placenta Lab

Motherhood Encapsulation just opened its new Placenta lab in 2020.  This is a dedicated lab that will only be used to process placenta encapsulation.  Placenta Encapsulation is traditionally performed in residential settings.  Motherhood Encapsulations lab offers a clean and safer option in our new state of the art laboratory.

Stainless Steel Equipment

Motherhood Encapsulations did not compromise when it came to our equipment.  We use stainless steel workstation tables certified by the National Safety Foundation (NSA) in our placenta lab.   Stainless steel is the best choice for sterile spaces and where hygiene is of the upmost importance, due to its non-porous qualities, preventing any bacteria from permeating its surface. Stainless steel is often used in many healthcare and food industries and is the best choice for laboratory equipment.

Commercial Grade Equipment

When choosing equipment for our lab we wanted to ensure our clients received the best.  This mean we choose commercial equipment where it was of the upmost important.  The dehydrator is essential in preparation of the placenta and ensuring each placenta is dehydrated properly at the correct temperature while heat is evenly distributed for the duration of drying time.  This will ensures the placenta is heated efficiently and safely.

we can offer

High Standards

NSF Certified Equipment

Lab Grade Quality

OSHA Protocol + Universal Precautions

Trained and Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Blood-Borne Pathogen Certification

ServSafe Certification

Medical Couriers Certification

Placenta Encapsulation Training

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