We serve mothers on the central coast!

We are happy to serve mothers throughout San Luis Obispo County and Santa Maria!

Your invoice will be sent shortly after you have received your instruction.  The invoice can be paid in increments, in full, or when the pills are delivered.

** During COVID-19 Pick Up’s:  Bring a 16qt ice chest or bag for designated person to carry the Tupperware out to meet me at an easy “meeting spot”

Pick up Procedure

During and after delivery
  • Designate a family member or individual in advance to contact me via text or phone when you are in labor and then again when you have delivered.

  • There is a liability form signature required at the hospital to “release the placenta” to me. I always encourage you to sign it if you have time before the delivery.

  • The nurses will put your placenta in a hospital grade Tupperware. If for some reason I am not there within 2-3 hours, have the nurses put it in the hospital OB department fridge or on ice. Pick ups will be anywhere from 1-3 hours after delivery. The ‘release form’ is required before pick-up.

pick up 
  • The placenta is picked up, put on ice, checked for the proper labeling, and transferred back to my lab. Only one placenta is picked up and transported at a time. It will then be taken back to my lab room to start the encapsulation process.

  • After the placenta is taken back to my lab it is again and relabeled with our inhouse numbering system to ensure it follows the correct processing sequence.

  • Each placenta is stored in its own, labeled container in my ‘placenta only’ refrigerator.

  • The ice chest is then soaked in a sanitizer for 10 minutes and washed.

  • The placenta will then be safely and properly cared for and returned to you in 1-3 days.

  • A video of your encapsulation will be made and shared with you within the following week.

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