traditional chinese medicine method

Method of preparation includes steaming with ginger and lemon, drying, grinding and hand encapsulating the placenta.

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We only process using the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method.

This method of preparation includes steaming, drying, grinding and hand encapsulating the placenta. During this process we adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness and preparation. The key to this method is the steaming process. The steaming method is done at a temperature that is hot enough to kill any bacteria while keeping the beneficial hormones and nutrients in the placenta.

Steaming the placenta makes for a ‘warming’ remedy, or one that tonifies, nourishes the blood, and restores balance, which adheres to the Chinese belief of Yin and Yang and keeping them in balance. TCM’s theory is that our body’s natural immunity is reduced post birth and is believed to be restored by adding heat through steaming.   The placenta is considered very cold, therefore steam and additional 'warming' herbs are added to warm the placenta and nourish postpartum.  The additional warming agents that are infused into the placenta are lemon and ginger.  Lemon and ginger are only steamed with your placenta and will not be dehydrated and encapsulated.

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Lemon helps the body distribute the placenta throughout the body and increases energy.  It boosts your immunity, improves your skin, and helps with digestion among many other benefits.

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Ginger is an herb that is added for energy and helps build immunity.   Also helps provide good blood flow and oxygen flow.  Works as a detoxifier helping remove unwanted chemicals from you body.  It is also known to improve digestion, suppress your appetite and keep your metabolism fired up all day.  

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