Safety regulations

Safety is our top priority

In an unregulated industry it is important to trust your encapsulation specialist’s safety protocols and procedures.  We will not stop from overachieving and making sure we are always staying up to date with our safety protocol to ensure we have the highest standards for our clients.   

what we do

our safety measures

We follow Universal Precautions with each placenta, which is an approach to infection control to treat all human blood and certain human body fluids as if they were known to be infectious with bloodborne pathogens.  We also follow all food safety guidelines and OSHA standards.

General lab rules

  • Do not process more than one placenta at a time.
  • NO pets in our workspace.
  • Follow strict food safety guidelines and regularly renew my certifications.
  • Follow strict OSHA standards and regularly renew my blood borne pathogens certification.
  • Never wear fake fingernails, as even under gloves-they can harbor bacteria and are not food safe.


  • Prep space and all equipment is cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant before and after preparation of your placenta.
  • Multiple use equipment is cleaned and then soaked in a hospital grade disinfectant. Followed by antibacterial soap rinse with clean hot water.


  • Label check of your placenta at time of pick up in order to ensure proper storage occurs.
  • Temperature check of the placenta in the cooler as well as fresh out of the fridge to be sure it was kept at a proper temperature the entire time before handling.
  • Storage until processing occurs is in a ‘placenta dedicated refrigerator‘ with thermometer to ensure safe temperatures are maintained.


  • Single use equipment used where appropriate during processing.
  • Regularly monitor the temperature of the dehydrator while the placenta is dehydrating. All placentas are dehydrated at 160 degrees F to kill any potential bacteria and ensure complete dryness.
what we wear

Personal Protective gear

We follow all OSHA recommendations and Universal Precautions for every client, every time. We aim to go above and beyond the recommendations and protocols to ensure the safety of all our clients. To ensure this we use Medical Grade PPE:

PPE standards

  • This includes a face shield, hair cap, face mask, goggles, gloves, and disposable medical gown.
  • Gloves are changed constantly. I never wash or rinse my gloves or touch something and then touch your placenta.
  • I use personal protective equipment, not only to protect myself but to ensure there is no cross contamination from myself to your placenta.

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