Once I started taking the placenta pills, in less then a week my stomach went way down. My C-Section healing process was smooth. My post-natal bleeding was less then the last 2 times. It has balanced my hormones and my energy is amazing. In one month I lost 30 lbs. Definitely doing this again with my next.

Nadia D

I can honestly say they’re amazing!!!!! I was skeptical at first because I am the first in my family to try them. Immediately I felt like I had energy throughout the day, even if I’m running on no sleep, I'm not dragging myself. I am mentally, physically and emotionally strong. I am so happy with my decision to encapsulate. Thank you so much, you’re saving new mommas 

Danielle C

I am honestly so thankful that I got this done. I've already lost 30 lbs. and it really has helped me drastically! With my 1st I had no idea about this and I had a rough recovery and this has been a breeze which is wonderful. Thank you so much

Aubrey B

Huge shoutout to Motherhood Encapsulations for her work! I highly Recommend her, she was extremely professional, the process was super easy, and her packaging/presentation was amazing! If your an expecting momma give it a shot. I struggled with postpartum depression after my first and have had a much better experience this time around and would I know this played a huge part in it. Happy Mamma= Happy baby. Thanks again.

Kameo L

They’re Amazing, I have been managing 3 kids under 3 and I have tons of energy. Definitely an energy booster for me and also I have great milk supply. Its going great so far and I love them. I will definitely be doing this again with my next and final kid.

Juliana B

Stephanie gave us such an amazing experience. She was fast, friendly and professional. She was always quick to answer any questions I had. She is better then any encapsulation specialist in the area and she is so knowledgeable. Her packaging was perfect and after taking the placenta pills for three weeks I was already down to my pre-baby weight, lots of extra milk, no bleeding and no postpartum depression or baby blues. I was emotionally stable and happy, with tons of energy. I am so happy I chose to encapsulate with Motherhood Encapsulations and I highly recommend her! Thank you Stephanie

Kimmy L

I’m only halfway through day 2 and my energy is through the roof. I didn’t even need my morning cup of coffee to keep up with my newborn and 17 month old. My  milk literally came in overnight this time.


Huge shout out to Stephanie for encapsulating my placenta. My milk production is flowing, I have absolutely no postpartum depression, I feel so good and balanced. I have no anxiety at all. Her keepsakes are perfect and amazing. I highly recommend getting your placenta encapsulated with Motherhood Encapsulations

Laycie S

I'm really happy with the Placenta Pills. By the second day I was taking them I could tell I had more energy and that my body was healing quicker. I’m definitely so happy I chose to do this. Thank you.


I feel so much better this time than last postpartum. I have a Huge postpartum difference and I wish I would've done this with my first kid. Last time I was in a fog for what felt like a year and this time I already feel human again and it's only been 10 days. I am already wanting to get out and about. Thank you for everything.

Stacia D

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