the three p's

our process has three phases

Each are equally important to the success of our Encapsulation
Process and ensuring we provide the best results for our clients
Phase 1


Before the process is started, everything is thoroughly disinfected again before beginning. Your placenta is always labeled and our utensils and commercial grade supplies are set out to begin the encapsulation process. One time use utensils are used when necessary and we assure that our protocols go above and beyond state regulated health code standards.
Phase 2


Step 1
Rinsing the Placenta

First we start by thoroughly rinsing the placenta and cleaning off as much blood as possible

Step 2

Placenta is steamed with lemon and ginger on low-medium heat for 25-30 minutes at an internal temperature of 180-degrees. Bacteria dies at a temperature of 160 as shown in Safe Food Handling courses. 180 temperature will be hot enough to kill any bacteria. Excessive, high heat is not used or recommended as it will destroy and hinder beneficial hormones and nutrients in the placenta

Step 3

Placenta is cut into thin strips to prepare for dehydration

Step 4

Placenta is then placed in the dehydrator and cooked for 10-14 hours

Step 5

The dehydrator pieces are put into a glass blender and crushed into a powder

Step 6

The dried placenta powder then gets put into the empty pre counted (flavored or vegan) gelatin capsules.

Step 7
Package & Deliver

The pills are then packaged and hand delivered to the mother

Step 8

All equipment and our workspace is thoroughly sanitized.

Phase 3



Our packaging is a unique set up that no one else offers and is provided for all of our clients. Our Motherhood Bottle is a reusable water bottle designed to keep your capsules safe, along with our Motherhood Velvet Bag for your umbilical cord keepsake. Every placenta print is laminated for long term keeping. To finish our packaging we provide every client with business cards, a brochure and a personalized thank you card.

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